Credit Union Defrauds Widow

Credit Union Defrauds Widow


Fraud Steals Millions

Board Members June 2014
Board Members June 2014

Targets Elderly Member

Following the death of her husband, Mario Caruso, the Boulder Damn Credit Union (“BDCU”) devised a scheme to dispossess Anneliese Caruso of the entirety of the estate that she and her deceased husband had sacrificed for and accumulated over forty years of marriage. 

The actions of BDCU were unprecedented and expressly targeted the singularly largest dividend payor. BDCU ignored/broke the law, repeatedly violated their duty of candor, and took from Anneliese Caruso, an innocent and trusting elderly woman, her entire estate that was literally valued in the millions of dollars. Thanks to BDCU she now has nothing.

Without Assistance, Fairness and Justice will not be Obtained.

In short, BDCU, through its agents, conspirators, and collaborators, knowingly made and filed “material misrepresentations” in relation to the mortgage lending transactions between Anneliese Caruso and BDCU. 

The claims of BDCU were deliberate material misrepresentations, that intentionally failed to accurately describe and/or detail any of the purported deficiencies, in order to conceal the unconscionability of their actions and evade scrutiny of the courts and compliance with the law. 

Their actions were not only criminal, they effectively preclude Anneliese Caruso from preventing the loss of her entire estate and future livelihood. BDCU must be held accountable and Anneliese made whole from their callous and criminal conduct.

Malicious and Criminal

The actions of BDCU were malicious and criminal. Shockingly, when confronted, BDCU, admitted by both word and action, they considered themselves above the law and that no court or law enforcement agency would bother to entertain a complaint or dare expose and pursue the criminal acts they had committed. BDCU believes they have effectively concealed their wrongdoing and evaded accountability for their wrongs.

Fraudulent Statement Exposed

False Facts Misrepresent Default

Boulder Dam Credit Union used a sophisticated fraud to steal million from an elderly member over the course of (3) years.  The crime turned on a clever misrepresentation of the deficiency that caused the default.  Well concealed; the fraud once seen becomes impossible to miss.  On this page we discuss the source and substance of the specific statement that insiders used to steal millions.

Credit Union Mortgage Fraud